History & Staff

We have 100 years of dedicated experience in caring for families, from all walks of life. Families comes to us because they know we are leaders in our profession and dedicated to excellence in service.

Entering our 2nd Century of  Service

Incorporated in 1916, Hebrew Memorial Chapel began as the Detroit Jewish Free Burial Association. The goal of the association was to assist our wonderful community in making sure that every Jewish individual, regardless of their financial background would be able to secure a proper burial service.  After 100 years of dedicated service as a full service funeral home, we are proud to be different.

As a non-profit community owned organization - we are different because profit is not our motive.                      Instead, we are driven by our constant commitment of caring service to the entire Jewish community of Metro Detroit.

For one hundred years, the support and commitment we have received from the Detroit community has been overwhelming.

Our Valued Staff

Rabbi Boruch  E. Levin

Rabbi Boruch E. Levin, Executive Director

Rabbi Boruch E. Levin joined Hebrew Memorial Chapel in 1986. A native of Denver, Colorado, Rabbi Levin was ordained at Beth Medrash Govoha Aaron Kotler School of Higher Learning in Lakewood, N.J. and Talmudic Academy of Philadelphia. He also attended the University of Detroit College of Business Administration. Previously, Rabbi Levin had served as a rabbi and administrator of Yeshivath Beth Yehudah in Southfield. A member of the National Council of Yeshivah Principals, he is on the advisory committee of the National Society for Hebrew Day Schools. While in New Jersey, he was director of United Charitable Institutions of New Jersey. As executive director of HEBREW BENEVOLENT SOCIETY, he is responsible for overseeing the non-profit organization and reports directly to its board of directors. Rabbi Levin has assisted thousands of families in arranging caring funeral services here and abroad.

Otto B.  Dube

Otto B. Dube, Managing Funeral Director

The son of Holocaust Survivors, Otto has been involved in the funeral profession since 1977. He graduated with a degree in Biology from Loyola University in Chicago and then received a second degree in mortuary science from Worsham College of Mortuary Science. He has been an owner of Jewish funeral homes in Minneapolis and Detroit and joined Hebrew Memorial Chapel (non-profit and community owned) in 2010 as the Managing Licensed Funeral Director. An active member of the community, he has been involved in a multitude of organizations and held many board positions in them. A past president of the Minnesota-Wisconsin Council of B'nai B'rith, he founded a youth group for troubled teens in Minneapolis, Otto is also one of the longest term advisors for BBYO. He and his wife, Shelley recently became advisors for a brand new group of young teenagers. Since joining Hebrew Memorial Chapel, he has written a booklet entitled "TWO WORDS For the child in all of us"; he has created an innovative Don't Text And Drive program in order to save the lives of our teenagers and also created the Adopt-A-Kaddish program which memorializes the 1.5 million children that were murdered during the Shoah. Otto enjoys spending time with his family and his hobbies which include antique cars and HO scale trains.

Yonah  Pirutinsky

Yonah Pirutinsky, Funeral Coordinator

Born in New York, Yonah joined Hebrew Memorial Chapel in November of 2007. with a history as a computer technician, he has helped develop Hebrew Memorial's modern technological status. Married, he is blessed with many children and grandchildren. A kind, modest and caring individual, his goal is to always ease the path of grief of the families he assists.

Robert  Shaw

Robert Shaw, Funeral Coordinator

Robert Shaw, BSW, is a graduate of San Diego State University with a degree in Social Work. He spent 6 years proudly serving in the U.S. Army which included 2 years in West Berlin. Before joining Hebrew Memorial Chapel, Robert was a Domestic Violence Counselor and also worked with Autistic teenagers. In his spare time, he enjoys spending time with his family, hiking and biking.

Rabbi Yisroel  Goldfein

Rabbi Yisroel Goldfein, Ritual Coordinator

Born in Memphis, Tennessee, Rabbi Goldfein received his Rabbinical Ordination from Telshe Rabbinical College. He became an active member of the Cleveland Chevra Kadisha for 6 years before moving to Detroit with his family in 1997 in order to join the staff of Hebrew Memorial Chapel.

Tila L.  Levinson

Tila L. Levinson, Monument Consultant,Hebrew Memorials

Tila Levinson joined Hebrew Memorial Chapel in 1997. She was born, raised and educated in Cleveland, Ohio. Formerly a teacher, Tila has also worked for Encyclopedia Brittanica and NCSY.With an extensive knowledge of Hebrew, Tila is able to assist families with an appropriate choice of markers and monuments that expresses the individuality of the loved one. HEBREW MEMORIALS receives its granite from the same quarries as any other monument company. As a NON-PROFIT branch of Hebrew Benevolent Society and under the expert guidance of Tila Levinson, HEBREW MEMORIALS is able to provide families with a high quality and affordable permanent memorial in honor of a loved one.



Since becoming incorporated in 1916 as a Community Owned Non-Profit Funeral Home, Hebrew Memorial Chapel has been privileged to have a very caring and continually ongoing collection of volunteers who act as Board Members. Their function is to oversee the professional and financial activities of this proud organization. These respected and honored positions as a board member have been bestowed upon valued community members who encompass a wide cross section of religious beliefs within our wonderful Jewish community. Today, they continue to represent the caring and comforting service that our community has come to expect from Hebrew Memorial Chapel.SAM SANDWEISS (SHOWN HERE) WAS HEBREW BENEVOLENT SOCIETY'S FIRST PRESIDENT FROM 1916 - 1919