Hebrew Memorial Chapel

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Holocaust Memorial Center

is proud to sponsor

Adopt-A-Kaddish Project

One of the greatest atrocities of recent Jewish history was the murder of one and a half million children during World War II. It is difficult to comprehend such genocide or its magnitude.

However, we can remember one child.

HEBREW MEMORIAL CHAPEL is honored to sponsor the Adopt-A-Kaddish project where an individual or an entire family can choose to remember the name of one child who was murdered during the Holocaust and accept upon themselves the responsibility to recite Kaddish on the Yahrzeit and during Yizkor services and light a candle on the child's behalf during these times.

More then just reciting Kaddish for the Yahrzeit and during Yizkor services, volunteers are “adopting” these children into their hearts, thus making them a new part of their family's life and legacy.

Participants will receive a personal file about their appointed child including their name, picture and biographical information (when available) in order to provide a face to history and a meaningful connection for the volunteers. They will receive yearly Yahrzeit notice reminders and a Yizkor calendar in the child's memory. In addition, they will receive extra folders about the child that may be given to other family members and friends at services/meetings or in any manner of their choosing.

We are honored by the whole hearted appreciation of the Rabbinical and lay leadership of Detroit in their acceptance of this program.

For further information and/or be a part of this caring project, please contact us.

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HEBREW MEMORIAL CHAPEL as an integral member of our community, is committed to bury Jews in “Kever Yisroel” ( to provide a proper Jewish burial ), an honor that was stolen from these murdered children. In that spirit, if you would like to make a contribution in memory of the one million children or to honor an adoptive family, you may do so by making a contribution to:


26640 Greenfield Road Oak Park, MI 48237 (248) 543-1622

Volunteers for Adopt-a-Kaddish

We humbly applaud the following participants in accepting the caring mitzvah of saying Kaddish for children murdered during the Shoah. Click here to view out list.


The Closed Book

Written by Andrea Page Dube at age 10

Old, dusty, and ripped apart, my story remains untold I cherish the memories that I still have, of the people that I love most Our family dinners together and our long walks through the park So long ago until the invaders came roaring in, A monstrous tornado, swallowing the Jewish people Nazi soldiers, with guns in their hands, Thump, thump, thump, we heard them banging their fists on our door Shattering windows and knocking down walls, as they searched our house and took us away Killing souls and breaking the hearts of their loved ones. I sit here and weep on this hard, wooden shelf I cry away my sorrows No one to love, no one to tell of my past, so evil and frightening I no longer have family nor friends. Myself, the only one of them to survive, I wonder if all of them were sacrificed for my own life I eagerly wait for my time, when I can be with them Up in the sky, laughing and smiling again, Like a memory coming back to life But now, I see someone coming, coming to read A curious soul, craving to learn She opens my dirty, old pages She unfolds my past.