To Honor Your Loved One, HEBREW MEMORIAL MONUMENTS provides Affordable Professional Services to assist you in creating an appropriate memorial or duplicating an existing monument with installations at any cemetery. Memorials are symbolic of life, family and tradition. They help preserve heritage for future generations.

Most individuals are surprised when they discover there are many decisions that need to be made in the selection process. Cemeteries have rules and restrictions in regard to size, composition and design for each of the sections within their cemetery. There are many different types and colors of memorials and various shapes that can be used to compliment your monument choice. Bronze markers are also available for certain cemetery sections. Our staff is available to advise you in order to make your memorial selections an easier process.

Begin the Process 

The first helpful step in selecting an appropriate memorial is gathering the information that describes the rules, regulations and restrictions by the cemetery in regard to the section where your loved one is buried. Most original plot purchase agreements contain information about what type of memorials are allowed, but you can always call us at HEBREW MEMORIAL MONUMENTS to assist you with these details.

Even though most cemeteries prefer Granite Monuments, some cemeteries have sections that only allow Bronze Markers. These memorials can be created with different styled borders. Hammertone, Rocky and Polished are just a few of the border styles that are used. Some vary by having granite bases attached to them.

Here are two other different styles of border that can also be incorporated:

If it is determined that granite markers are the type of memorial that is allowed, then the next decision will be a selection of the type and color of the granite that is appropriate to use for your loved one.

  • Sizes and Styles of Granite Memorials 


Usually 24 x 12 x 4, these markers are required by some memorial park type cemeteries. Installed flush to the ground, they are used to assist with cemetery maintenance and create a park like atmosphere. Other cemeteries will allow this type of marker to be placed above ground on a base.


Usually 24 x 12 x 6 or possibly 24 x 12 x 8, these markers are similar to flat/flush markers. The main difference is that the back of the memorial is a few inches taller then the front which creates a slight slant. Typically the Bevel Marker will sit above the ground which also allows elements such as earth and water to flow off the marker allowing it to stay cleaner. With the extension above the ground and its slight slant from back to front, these markers have also been called "Pillow Markers".


Usually 24 x 10 x 18 or 24 x 12 x 18, these memorials have a notable slant on the engraved face of the monument which creates a larger area for the inscription of an epitaph. The bottom front of the slant has a perpendicular cut(called a "nosing") that creates the appearance of a base. With the look of a triangle with a flat bottom, these monuments can have engravings on both the front and back of the stone and sometimes even on the front nosing. The tops and sides can be left rocky or can be carved or polished in different ways giving each a unique look. Additionally, some cemetery sections will allow a slant memorial to be placed on a granite base providing more height and stability to the monument.


These can vary a great deal in size depending on the restrictions by the cemetery. An upright piece, also called a "die" is attached to a larger base providing stability and additional height. Upright Memorials can be designed for individuals or used as a companion memorial with information engraved for two people. Upright Memorials can also be used for memorials that designate a family area of graves with smaller pillow top memorials or slant memorials that can then be installed at the individual graves.

Some cemeteries will allow ceramic photos or laser etched photos of the deceased to be installed on memorials. We can help you with this option if you believe that this is an appropriate addition to your loved one’s memorial.

Type, size, carvings, polishing, color, wording and other details create a meaningful memorial for your loved one. For finalizing details on creating an appropriate memorial, please contact Tila Levinson at HEBREW MEMORIALS (248) 543-3874